Background: RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a non-profit organization that offers advocacy, education, and support for men and women experiencing infertility or other reproductive disorders.

Challenge: To write a fundraising letter that persuades people to donate to RESOLVE while highlighting the purpose of RESOLVE and incorporating the personal stories of three people who played an instrumental role in the fight against infertility that year.

Solution: Crafting the letter such that it emphasized the direct link between RESOLVE’s mission and the courage and empowerment of the three individuals who took a public stand on infertility. This demonstrated to the reader that their contribution would not just fund RESOLVE but help embolden individuals fighting infertility.

Result: The letter generated funds sufficient to exceed RESOLVE’S fundraising goal.

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Additional Samples

Press Release

Read Press Release Here
In this press release, I highlight the shift in focus of a Paris-based wedding planning business, from “Marie-Antoinette” style weddings to more city-centric affairs.  This release was picked up by Yahoo!News among others.

Long-Form Sales Letter

This 18-page sales letter was ghostwritten for a magazine seeking to increase subscriptions by offering a special product upon subscribing. To see this letter, please contact me.

I hired Barbara to write a press release to announce the re-branding of my agency. Barbara was amazing! She was thorough in her research and asked all of the right questions. Through just a few casual conversations, she was able to pinpoint and convey the exact essence of my new brand in a succinct but detailed format- with just the right tone to appeal to my targeted demographic. She was charming and professional, and extremely accommodating to my crazy schedule.Kimberley Petyt, Creative Director, Parisian Events