Truly effective web content doesn’t just happen.
It’s planned.

Businesses can reap amazing results from content marketing, but putting up random content “when you have time” isn’t going to get you there. That’s just a waste of energy. You need a strategy that you can commit to.

I can help you create a strong content strategy for your business. A good content strategy is developed from a thorough analysis of your business, audience, competitor and metrics.

For example, in developing your strategy, I would:

  • Assess the strengths and weakness of your existing content
  • Analyze your target audience to determine the kind of content appreciates most
  • Determine the best forms of content for your audience and business
  • Determine the best means of promoting your content
  • Monitor your website metrics to assess the strengths and weakness of the strategy.
  • Create an editorial calendar for your content

…and more

Intrigued? Talk to me! I’d be happy to help you make the most of your content with an effective strategy.

Thanks to Barbara’s content strategy, social media strategy and web writing for our French language school, we have seen a significant uplift in the traffic to our website and increase in leads. We’re appearing in a broader range of Google search results, ranking highly with a variety of keywords we hadn’t thought to use before.MARGUERITE MONNIER, FRENCH AS YOU LIKE IT