“Barbara wrote most of the content for our website as well as our product stories. We loved her work. From the start, she took the time to get to know us and helped us to articulate our mission and brand. The thing I love about working with Barbara is that she not only handles web content, product stories and press releases, she also teaches along the way. I will definitely continue working with her and recommend her services to friends, family and colleagues.”
– Akram Aghbal, co-founder, Burgundy Assemblage

“Working with Barbara on the new content for my website gave me the perspective I needed. She is critical, honest and knows how to stay on topic, concentrating on the true message of what’s being written and who it’s being written for. It was a great experience for me – not only do I have excellent copy, but I learned a great deal in the process. I highly recommend Barbara not only as a copywriter, but as a content editor and consultant as well. She gets it.”
– Jenny Beaumont, web developer. JennyBeaumont.com

“Thanks to Barbara’s content strategy, social media strategy and web writing for our French language school, we have seen a significant uplift in the traffic to our website and increase in leads. We’re appearing in a broader range of Google search results, ranking highly with a variety of keywords we hadn’t thought to use before. Just as important, our newfound social media presence has given us the opportunity to provide a face and voice of our company that dynamically informs and engages with potential clients. We recommend Barbara’s services without hesitation; we’ve been able to get our social presence up and running with an authoritative voice and enjoyable and useful content for readers.”
Marguerite Monnier, French As You Like It

“I run a global organic website and Barbara has written two city guides for me – Paris and Washington D.C. She is extremely professional, timely and thorough. Her copy was well researched and nicely written in the exactly the style I requested. I am looking forward to working with Barbara on future projects and would recommend her very highly.”
– Angela Woodruff, OrganicJetsetter.com

“Working with Barbara has been a great pleasure. She has come up with good ideas, has proven very reliable. Her knowledge of different cultures (US, France and Italy) has proven of great advantage for a company like mine which works with an international clientele. We have been very satisfied with Barbara’s service.”
– Katharina Alles Trauttmansdorf, Trust & Travel

“Barbara is a dynamic, compelling and creative writer who put her mind as well as her heart into my press release, as if it were her own personal project. I was extremely happy with her work and I highly recommend her writing services.”
– Kasia Dietz, Designer, Kasia Dietz Handbags

“I was very impressed with the profiles of the indie filmmakers Barbara wrote for NewEnglandFilm.com. She was great at crafting engaging portraits of the artists even while studding the stories with practical information on independent filmmaking. Barbara is a talented writer and a true professional.”
– Michele Meek, Editor, NewEnglandFilm.com

“I can always count on Barbara to write flawless and accurate copy on any financial topic. She’s truly a rare find in the industry – a veritable gem to work with.”
– Barbara Whelehan, Editorial/Assistant Managing Editor, Bankrate.com

“I have hired Barbara to create legal marketing copy for special projects. She is first a very competent attorney and has a strong grasp of legal issues. Secondly, she is able to put herself in the shoes of a potential consumer law client write to their needs and pains. Lastly, she is on time and her work is of the utmost quality. It is very difficult to find a legal marketing copy writer that is both a J.D. and able to write effective marketing copy. If you have any questions about Barbara or her work, please contact me. James@JamesBellefeuille.com.”
– James Bellefeuille, AttorneySync.com

“I hired Barbara to write a press release to announce the re-branding of my agency. I was very particular about the message that I wanted to send out, because it was going to be my first wide-scale introduction. Barbara was amazing! She was thorough in her research and asked all of the right questions. Through just a few casual conversations, she was able to pinpoint and convey the exact essence of my new brand in a succinct but detailed format- with just the right tone to appeal to my targeted demographic. She was charming and professional, and extremely accommodating to my crazy schedule. I would (and will) hire Barbara again for future projects, and highly recommend her to others looking for a freelance writer.”
– Kimberley Petyt, Creative Director, Parisian Events

“We’re very glad to have consulted with Barbara as we launched our fragrance day spa, Free Persephone. Barbara’s polished communication strategy skills, ideas and her precise, yet catchy use of words helped Free Persephone better shape and release content to increase our Social Media followers. She gave us a fresh outside view while keeping the tone of the content within the style of our brand. We are definitely going to continue consulting with her. She makes our job so much easier, helping us to save time and increase results.”
– Lauren Creecy, Founder & Creative Director of Free Persephone Fragrance Day Spa.